I am an illustrator and cartoonist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am the creator of Cletus the Defeatist, the comic strip of fug, darkness and torpor. In addition to my weekly Cletus comics, I'm currently at work on a comic mini-series with writer Martin Hayes, and an informational comic book for the New Mexico Poison & Drug Information Center.

In addition to comic work, I provide illustrations for a wide range of clients, including marketing, advertising, performing arts and law firms. 

I am available for commissions. 

Other factoids:

I practice Wing Chun Kung Fu. I used to play drums in a Scottish bagpipe band. I'm a former middle and high school English teacher. I lived in Morocco for three years and can write, read and speak Arabic (though I'm rusty).



I am not certain that I am not just a brain in a vat and that my life is just a complicated algorithm fed to me through wires.

I live in Albuquerque, with my wife, three kids, three dogs and a cat. I have successfully replaced all of my blood with caffeine