The Weekly Alibi

My first cover illustration for The Weekly Alibi was published this week. I'm beyond thrilled because I've been reading the Alibi since I was a kid running around the streets of Clinton-Era Albuquerque.*

Getting on that cover has been a personal milestone of mine for a while now. What makes me feel even warmer and fuzzier inside is that they approached me for the cover art, I didn't solicit them. Very nice to be validated like that.

Now back to work!


*The first time I ever saw the paper was at a campaign stop for Bill Clinton on the University of New Mexico campus during the Bush I presidency. Al Gore was stumping for Clinton. My middle school decided we needed to see politics in action, so they took us down there, to one of the grittier parts of town.

There were hundreds upon hundreds of people there. It was raining and cold, and a punk rocker friend of mine convinced me to ditch the rally (quite the scandalous act for me at the time) and run across the street to The Frontier restaurant.

In the corner of the restaurant was a stand of free newspapers. It was called NuCity at the time, and it was full of the most awesome things my 8th grade eyes had ever lain upon. It was hip, grown-up (well, college-aged, but I was 13, remember), edgy, pithy... it had it all. I've been hooked ever since.