Movin' on up!

I have several projects that I've been laboring on in the dark, murky shadows of my studio, all hunched over like Golem fawning over the ring or whatever. I should probably take a break and clean my studio. These discarded fish heads are beginning to pile up.

Anyway, these projects are finally moving onto the next stages of their lives, and I'm excited to see what becomes of them. I've been working on a pitch to major comic publishers (so secretive! much mystery!), and my fingers are crossed so tightly that writing this is tremendously difficult. I've also been talking with several writers (one of whom is the incredible F.P. Calabretta. Aw yus!) about working on some other comic projects. 

If you're in Albuquerque, you may have noticed by cover to The Weekly Alibi earlier this month, featuring the hellish nipples and smug grin of The Hostile Combover. That cover seemed to get a lot of attention on the Alibi's various social media pages, about which I'm proud. And so, I'm selling prints/posters/ stickers/ etc. of the image on my Redbubble site. We've got just under half a year for you to attend a protest/ counter-rally, so buy one of the posters and wave it around in public! 

Finally I'm doing some paintings that will be used in a play (that I got cast in! Hurray!) at the National Hispanic Cultural Center this October. More to come on that  soon.