My artwork explores the intersections of trauma, memory and the present moment. Taking personal and family history as a jumping-off point, I create layered, conceptually-based multimedia work.

Through installation, painting, sculpture, printmaking, collage and décollage, I explore echoes of terror, violence and violation. I combine figurative work and the printed word, built up through layers of material then excavated back to reveal startling combinations. In my work elements of narrative interact with the fractured, reconstructed nature of memory and the scars it frequently leaves behind. My work also explores the politics of the disjointed present moment with a darkly humorous eye.


I live and work in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I earned a BA cum laude in Creative Writing from the University of New Mexico and am an MFA candidate at the Southwest University of Visual Arts.

I have exhibited in a number of galleries in central and northern New Mexico. My commissioned work has appeared at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, the Bernalillo County Courthouse, Albuquerque Public Schools and at the University Hospital.

I am a professor at the Southwest University of Visual Arts where I teach illustration, fine art and general education courses. I also host weekly open figure drawing sessions there. I have taught many workshops and seminars about concept development and art technique.